Pediatric Nutrition

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Nutrition for Kids

Undernourished infants and children experience stunted physical and mental development. A pediatric registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) at Nutrition HealthWorks can help undernourished children improve their nutritional status with an individualized eating plan based on each pediatric patient’s needs.

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Overnutrition In Children

Overnutrition or overeating among children leads to obesity, which presents its own set of problems. Obese children are prone to bullying and low self-esteem in addition to heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and more. A pediatric RDN at Nutrition HealthWorks will form a healthy eating and activity plan that can help children learn a healthy lifestyle to better manage their weight and potentially avoid obesity and related health problems.

mother teaches her daughter about proper nutrition and how to cook for food allergies

Child Food Allergies

Food allergies in children can be life-threatening, which is why meeting with a Nutrition HealthWorks pediatric RDN is important. Your dietitian will ensure your child’s nutritional needs are met and will show you how he/she can safely eat at home and when dining out.

fussy eater not getting the nutrition needed

Nutrition For Picky Eaters

Having a child who is a picky eater can be challenging for the entire family. Additionally, picky eaters often are prone to mental and physical health issues. Your pediatric registered dietitian nutritionist at Nutrition HealthWorks will address commonly seen issues related to picky eating and will create plans that ensure adequate nutrition for growth and development.

mother feeding a baby with feeding disorder

Nutrition for Feeding Disorders

Nutrition therapy from a pediatric RDN at Nutrition HealthWorks works to help children and caregivers overcome feeding disorders. No matter the cause, feeding disorders can lead to serious medical conditions. If more help is needed, your dietitian may make a referral to a specialist feeding team.

We contacted Gina at Nutrition HealthWorks in hopes of getting help for our 11 year old daughter who had been struggling for years with digestive issues, poor food choices and weight gain. Over the course of 8 months, Gina has been able to educate us on the importance of healthy eating, how to achieve that and making it fun along the way. My daughter’s digestive issues have improved dramatically, her weight gain has stabilized and she is able to make smart, informed decisions on her own. We cannot thank Gina enough for her time and positivity through this journey.

– A Marie

My teenage boys and I met with Gina to get a better idea of what foods to eat. She was a HUGE wealth of information. Both my boys now check each meal to make sure they are getting all the food groups and we now longer look at diet trends! Highly recommend Gina for eating healthier and feeling better!

-Meredith Ciafone-Johnson


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