client working with dietitian to complete a metabolic test


Our metabolism is one of the most talked about aspects of our bodies, yet is simultaneously one of the least understood. Despite many people knowing about metabolism, few understand how it actually functions and contributes to their overall wellness journey. Only through accurate metabolic testing can one create a measurable benchmark to kickstart their weight management goals.

At Nutrition HealthWorks, our team of registered dietitians provides accurate metabolic testing services to clients throughout North Carolina. Using the state-of-the-art BodyGem indirect calorimeter, we deliver quick yet accurate metabolic measurements to help inform our nutritional strategy. Start optimizing your wellness goals based on your body’s specific needs by contacting our team about our metabolic testing services today (cannot be completed during an initial consultation)!

client working with dietitian to complete a metabolic test


Metabolic testing is used to measure the factors that contribute to your metabolism’s speed. In its simplest form, metabolism is a measurement of how much energy your body requires each day to perform the functions necessary for life.

When choosing metabolic testing services, clients will need to fast for four hours prior and breathe normally into a mouthpiece for a few minutes. After this simple process, we’ll provide you with a full report on your metabolism’s performance and set to work on developing a personalized nutrition plan to help you better manage your health goals. Ready to get your results? Schedule an appointment with the Nutrition HealthWorks team to get started today. Please note that metabolic testing cannot be completed during an initial consultation. 

Benefits of Metabolic Testing at Nutrition HealthWorks

By choosing metabolic testing with the Nutrition HealthWorks team, clients gain a unique perspective on their health and wellness strategy. There are plenty of benefits to gain through taking a metabolic test with our team, including:

Improved Weight

Increased insight on food intake, physical activity, muscle mass, and hormones

Enhanced Physical

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If you’re curious about your metabolism’s performance and wish to use this information to guide your wellness strategy, then the metabolic testing services at Nutrition HealthWorks are exactly what you need. Our team of registered dietitians will provide you with the most accurate reading of your metabolism to inform our wellness strategy and optimize your overall health. Get the personalized wellness plan your body needs to succeed by contacting Nutrition HealthWorks for metabolic testing today (cannot be completed during an initial consultation).

I went in and had a metabolic test done which took about 10 minutes, all you really have to do is sit there and breath. From there my coach was able to determine by my height weight and bone density (just measures your wrist) how many calories I burn in a day. Then he asked about my diet and other lifestyle factors and from that he was able to produce a customized meal plan which uses an exchange – really great because I can pick my own meals each day. Bottom line it has been 3 weeks and I have lost 15 lbs – definitely recommend giving this a try!

– Josh Mangum

I recently met with Chelsea and had a metabolic test done. She was very kind a knowledgeable. Knowing and understanding accurate data has enabled me to fuel my body better which has increased my energy as well as helped with my sleep. I highly recommend Chelsea and her services through NHW.

– Laura Haid

After testing my metabolism they set up and easy to follow meal plan which fit in with my schedule and removed the guesswork. I’m social on the weekends and they helped game plan what to do in certain situations and the accountability is what I needed!

– Kristen Maurer