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When it comes to ensuring the health of your employees, one of the best things companies can do is schedule a corporate nutrition class. While corporate health initiatives can be beneficial, these efforts will be much less successful if employees lack the nutritional guidance necessary to make healthy choices. At Nutrition HealthWorks, our team specializes in creating fun, engaging, educational lunch and learns for corporations seeking to prioritize nutrition in the workplace. Contact our team to schedule your corporate nutrition class today!

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Schedule Your Nutrition Lunch and Learn Today!

At Nutrition HealthWorks, we are committed to providing the top-quality nutritional guidance employees need to stay happy and healthy. Empower your employees with the tools they need to make healthier nutritional choices by choosing the corporate nutrition services offered by our team. Contact us today to schedule your nutritional lunch and learn.

Benefits of

Nutrition Lunch and Learns



Corporate nutrition classes get the whole company engaged in learning valuable information that will help them throughout their lifetime.


Our registered dietitians and licensed nutritionists offer the highest-quality nutritional guidance, allowing your employees to make smarter, healthier choices for the long-term.


We provide employees with the tools necessary to live happier, healthier lives by understanding how their food and activity choices impact their health.


Studies show that employers who provide wellness training to their workforce see an average 66% increase in productivity and 50% reduction in absenteeism.

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Corporate Nutrition For COVID-19

With such a large portion of the workforce now at home due to COVID-19, it can be difficult to get the whole team together for a lunch and learn activity. At Nutrition HealthWorks, we help bridge that gap by providing virtual corporate nutrition classes via video chat. During our sessions, your team will learn:

  • The importance of including all food groups in each meal
  • How much water their bodies need to stay hydrated
  • Meal planning tips and tricks
  • How to achieve a balanced diet and make healthier choices
  • And much more!

Give your employees the gift that keeps on giving by scheduling a corporate nutrition class with Nutrition HealthWorks!

Schedule a free consultation with a RDN!