Online Group Workshops!

Classes begin Tuesday, March 12th 


workshops make great additions to 1:1 appointments

child weighs themselves on a scale
child weighs themselves on a scale

Weight Management

Our Weight Management Workshop will provide evidence-based nutrition education, mindful eating tips, and practical strategies for sustained weight management. Participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills to make informed choices for a healthier lifestyle. Embark on a healthier, happier you, and sign up today!

Workshop Size: Capped at 10 per Workshop

child over eating not so nutritious food and overeating


Nutrition and sports performance go hand in hand, whether you are looking to increase muscle mass or recover better, nutrition is a vital piece to the puzzle. Our 4-week long sports nutrition workshop will highlight the important parts of sports nutrition from specific food needs to hydration strategies, supplements, and more. If you are an athlete looking to improve in a foundational part of health and performance, this is the workshop for you.

Workshop Size: Capped at 10 per Workshop

mother teaches her daughter about proper nutrition and how to cook for food allergies

Heart Health

Join our 4-week nutrition workshop on heart health and take the first step towards a healthier, happier life. Discover the power of heart-friendly foods, learn to make smart dietary choices, and gain invaluable insights from experts in the field. Don’t miss this opportunity to prioritize your heart’s well-being, and embark on a journey to a heart-healthy future!

Workshop Size: Capped at 10 per Workshop

fussy eater not getting the nutrition needed


This 6-week long workshop is designed for those who suffer from chronic gas, bloating, nausea, stomach pain, acid reflux, constipation, and diarrhea. Guided by a licensed Registered Dietitian, you will learn about the gastrointestinal system, how it functions, and what can happen when things go wrong. Participants will leave with a clearer understanding of gastrointestinal health and what community resources are available to help diagnose and treat various Gl conditions.

Workshop Size: Capped at 10 per Workshop

mother feeding a baby with feeding disorder


Nutrition HealthWorks offers a Diabetes workshop to help you understand the connections between diabetes, wellness, and how to make changes to improve your quality of life. The Workshop includes a series of six interactive group classes. If you are looking for ways to improve your overall health while living with diabetes or want to gain knowledge for a loved one, this is the workshop for you!

Workshop Size: Capped at 10 per Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

Online class vs 1:1 session

Workshops are a great addition to our 1:1 sessions. Workshops are a great educational tool and an opportunity to learn more about one of the topics offered. During 1:1 sessions, you will receive a more personalized approach and walk away with a plan tailored to your nutritional needs.

How much do the workshops cost?

The 4-week long workshops are $149 and the 6-week long workshops are $219.

Can I use insurance?

At this time, our workshops will not be billable to insurance and instead will be billed as “self-pay”.

What if I can't attend all classes?

Each class will be recorded for you to reference as well as the PowerPoint slides for each week and the handouts.

Can my spouse/friend/parent attend with me?

Since our workshop classes are capped at 10 participants, only you can attend each class.

Do I have to be an existing client to sign up for a workshop?

Nope! Our workshops are open to both new and existing clients. If you’re just looking to gain some additional insights for a friend or loved one, you’re welcome to sign up!

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pay with flexible spending account
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May require a letter of medical necessity.

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