Olivia Chadwick Headshot

Olivia Chadwick

MS, RD, LDN – Apex (Kraft Family YMCA)
Specialties: Meal Planning | Family Wellness | Weight Management | Food intolernaces | Culinary Education

Olivia is a Registered Dietitian with a BS in Applied Nutrition from NC State University (2017) and MS in Nutrition from Meredith College (2021). 

She has a passion for working with vulnerable populations, including older adults, those with special needs, low-income families, individuals with food allergies/intolerances, those with autoimmune conditions, and college students. Olivia has a goal of healing broken relationships with food to promote lasting health and believes food is not only fuel, but also comfort, nostalgia, culture, art, and love. She is a big believer in setting small, incremental changes to achieve lasting results to feel your best. 

When Olivia is not working with clients, you can find her trying new recipes in the kitchen, playing competitive tennis, working in her garden, or wondering what’s for dinner.