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“For those who may have issues with eating or food, I strongly recommend Dylan. Dylan has been extremely patient, considerate, and supportive to me and my family. He helps us formulate a detailed plan, encompassing nutrition intake suggestions and physical exercise advices, to restore healthy relationship with food. I have seen beautiful kids struggle with eating disorder and that is just heart-wrenching. If you or your loved one are suffering from ED and desperate for help, please talk to Dylan. I have seen many therapists and dietitians for the past several years. Dylan has been THE most effective one. Thank you Dylan. You have made exactly the miracle I had been praying for.”

– Jerry Shen

“Really pleased with Dylan Lowry and his work with my daughter! He understood her goals as a competitive swimmer and was very thorough in his planning and research on the best nutrition to help her reach her goals. We will be back with our second swimmer!”

-Alyssa Federico

“I can’t say enough about Dylan and how he has helped me achieve and sustain my fitness goals. I made my first appointment after hitting a plateau of losing body fat. After a consultation, he determined my body was continuing to store fat because I wasn’t eating enough! We slowly increased my calories, and I started shredding fat and gaining lean muscle…unreal. No fad dieting or any of that non-sustainable keto, low-carb informercial folklore…just eating. Dylan is exceedingly knowledgeable and provides so much support by checking in periodically, answering emails, etc. He’s also a genuinely good guy who clearly enjoys what he does. He’ll take you where you want to go!! Also, the first few visits (I think 4) were 100% covered by BCBS. Go see this dude!!”

-Jordan Van Dyne

“Our son Andrew was working with Dylan for about 8 weeks and he was awesome! We sought out Dylan because we wanted a younger male dietitian. Someone that our son could relate to. Dylan gave him great advice on what to eat ,what not to eat, food plans and ways in which to gain muscle which was one of my son’s goals. He was a great encourager, motivator, and Mentor for our son. He was also very available to us as parents when we had question or concerns. I would highly recommend Dylan. He is a great young man!”

-Sally Santimaw 

“Dylan has really helped my active 14 year old swimmer/triathlete with his nutrition. When we started with Dylan, my son was under weight, having major gut issues on race day and under performing. We have already seen a difference in performance and recovery and we haven’t even hit the main part of his racing season! With Dylan’s help, my son is now starting to make the connection between training and nutrition and is aware of the quality and quantity of calories he needs to succeed in his races. I knew nutrition was important but couldn’t figure out how to help my son. Dylan listened to my concerns and helped us pull it all together and come up with a plan that worked for my son and his training schedule and was not overwhelming to me as the one who mostly prepares and cooks meals for my family. But what’s even better is now my son is taking ownership by planning out his breakfasts and lunches so he hits his caloric goal by the end of the day! That is a win! Thanks Dylan!”

-Kris Spokas