Mekenzie Riley headshot

Mekenzie Riley

Education: MS, RD, LDN


Mekenzie has been a Registered Dietitian since 2013. She completed both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Eastern Illinois University, just down the road from her hometown in Central Illinois. Growing up as a competitive swimmer is what initially drew Mekenzie to study nutrition, focusing on the sports performance aspect of the field. She further got to employ her knowledge via experience as she embarked on a career as a professional CrossFit athlete, competing at the CrossFit Games five times. Working closely with high-level athletes and being one herself has also brought Mekenzie to be very familiar with disordered eating tendencies and distorted relationships with food. The biggest joy in her job is seeing clients come to see food as their biggest ally and not an enemy. Mekenzie believes in food being nourishment for both body and soul, in that food should not only fuel our bodies to feel good but also bring us joy to eat it. Now, a mother of two, Mekenzie, alongside her husband, are leading by example in raising their children in a household that models a healthy lifestyle, valuing nutrition, fitness, and fun.