Healthy Halloween Tips!

Ready or not, Halloween will be here soon! There are few holidays that kids look forward to as much as Halloween. Understandably, many parents feel conflicted about how to handle the increase in sugar load. As the parent, you can be actively involved in creating some new and fun Halloween traditions for your family while promoting balance around a surplus of sweets. Halloween treats don’t have to be scary when you have some kid-friendly, healthy alternatives to offer and enjoy together.

trick or treating candy spilling onto surface

Healthy Food Alternatives

Consider inviting your children into the process of making some new treats. Making it themselves increases their engagement and willingness to try new foods. Play some Halloween music in the background and make a fun night out of it! The more enjoyable you can make this experience for your children, the more memories you can make as a family. The following recipes incorporate fruits or vegetables or focus on satiating nutrients such as fiber and protein. By providing alternatives to sweets, you are modeling a sense of balance for your kids, which can be a life lesson that sticks with them beyond this spooky season!


Non-Food related Halloween activities

Halloween “treats” can also include activities outside of eating where you are sharing experiences together. This is a bit of a re-frame from what tends to be the status quo. Think about your community and whether there will be a harvest festival, corn maze, pumpkin patch, apple picking or a Halloween 5K this year. Would you be able to participate in activities like these together? If so, you can check out this website for ideas. If you plan to go trick-or-treating this year, choose to walk or bike instead of driving.

Halloween is just one of many holidays with long-lived traditions. This year, be a pioneer by adding some fun “treats” that allow you to spend more time together. Remember, teamwork makes the scream work! Enjoy!

healthy halloween idea of going outside and visiting a corn maze