running coach working with client on treadmillHiring a coach is one of the best things somebody can do. Having a coach means you have somebody to vent to, somebody to help guide you, and somebody to care for you and your goals. It is hard to keep ourselves accountable but when we have a coach, they keep us accountable. We do not want to let somebody else down, which is powerful because it’s just too easy to let ourselves down sometimes. Like I always say, everybody knows what to do but accountability puts the knowing into the doing!

At Nutrition HealthWorks we offer run coaching and nutrition coaching. In run coaching, your coach will help write your workouts and training. This takes the thought or anxiety out of your mind when it comes to asking yourself “am I doing the right things to get to my goal”. You can pour your trust and commitment into your coach because they are the experts, they are helping steer the ship for you. When you don’t have doubt, you can focus on getting the work done and staying consistent. And consistency breeds results!



What is Nutrition Coaching?

Nutrition coaching is another huge help here at Nutrition Healthworks. Having a nutrition coach means they can know give you guidance on your food choices. This helps once again to take out the anxiety of “am I doing this right?”. There is so much misinformation in social media and the internet that it can become extremely confusing on what is the correct way to eat. It’s hard to acknowledge and admit that we need help with our nutrition, but when you do, you will get to your results so much quicker! A coach can help simplify this process of reaching your goals so you can stay more consistent without being overwhelmed with Aunt Sally telling you carbs are bad. A nutrition coach can also help you work on your food relationship and scale relationship in such a positive way that you will be a healthier and happier person.

Coaching is one of the best things an individual can invest in. Even coaches have coaches! Because accountability is such a powerful thing. Your coach is your biggest cheerleader and when you go through the lows and highs of your journey, know that your coach is also riding the same ride with you.

By Dylan Lowry MS, RD, LDN, CPT

Dietitian working with client on health