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What is This Food Trend?

If you happen to have social media you might have seen a popular food trend going around called “girl dinner.” If not, you have probably taken part in this trend without realizing it. Ever gotten home late and dreaded the thought of preparing and cooking a meal? Ever cringe at the thought of washing pots and pans at the end of what feels like the longest day? Well, you’re about to love this trend. Girl dinner is a meal that is thrown effortlessly together with food items you already have from your fridge or pantry. The wonderful thing about this trend is that no matter the combination of what you choose to make it with, it is for your satisfaction. These dinners mostly consist of easy finger foods that are convenient and a range of beverages.

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Unfortunately, this trend has received some negative attention for becoming a competition of who can make the lowest nutritionally valued meal. Some meals have been reduced to a single piece of popcorn or a handful of hot Cheetos with a diet drink labeling it “girl dinner.” This has created a dangerous model of eating for young viewers causing them to develop eating disorders. Meals that skimp out on important food groups cause harm to developing bodies that need calories, macronutrients, and micronutrients.

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Food Trends Can Be Healthy

The best way to make this trend positive is to always include a carbohydrate, a protein, a fat, a source of fresh fruit/vegetable, and a beverage to hydrate with. Examples of my favorite girl dinner are a side kale caesar salad with dressing on the side with baby tomatoes, roasted potato wedges, grilled chicken slices, and a diet coke. My salad comes in a pre-made kit, my roasted potato wedges are leftovers, and my grilled chicken slices are premade and refrigerated so they are ready to go. My vegetables would be the Kale and baby tomatoes which provide my antioxidants and vitamins. My carbohydrates would include the potato wedges and a few croutons from the salad which give me energy. My protein comes from the grilled chicken slices which help make me feel full. My fat comes from the side caesar dressing and shaved parmesan from my salad. My diet Coke is my favorite beverage, but I make sure to prioritize my water consumption in the morning to help keep me hydrated. Comment what your girl’s dinner is!

Nina Cassetta

Nina Cassetta



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