This year, going “back to school” means something different. As coronavirus concerns continue to prevent learning in the classroom, students are staying home and engaging in virtual learning. This means parents must now find the time to balance child care, work, and weight management for themselves and their children.
It can be easy to let stress, sedentary lifestyles, and irregular routines take over as parents attempt the balancing act of at-home learning. But by following a few simple back to school tips, parents can help manage their children’s weight effectively and ensure a healthy homeschooling experience.

Developing a Back to School Routine During Coronavirus

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One of the biggest challenges associated with the coronavirus outbreak is a lack of routine. According to Northwestern Medicine, people that don’t have a routine can suffer from:
· Increased stress
· Poor sleeping habits
· Poor eating habits
· Poor physical condition
· Laziness
As parents begin back to school preparation this fall, they should consider developing a clear routine to guide their children’s activities and eating habits throughout the day. Set a schedule with defined timelines for when your kids will eat, learn, exercise, and take breaks. This will help alleviate some of the negative side effects associated with a lack of routine.

Planning Meals & Healthy Snacks in Advance

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As you develop your back to school routine, be sure to factor in time for meal planning. According to a recent survey of more than 1,000 U.S. WebMD readers, nearly half of women and one-quarter of men reported significant weight gain due to COVID-19 restrictions. The easiest way to combat quarantine-related weight gain is through careful meal planning. Choose healthy snacks for your children and be sure to cook at least one vegetable-rich meal per day.
One healthy snack we love for schoolchildren are the energy bites that one of our nutritionist interns makes. These bites are all-organic and are the perfect healthy snack for keeping kids full and focused without the added sugars, flours, additives, preservatives, and chemicals found in many kids’ snacks. You can find these healthy treats available on Murphy Brennan’s website to purchase and learn more.

Encouraging Exercise for Stress Reduction & Weight Management

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Whether you’re wondering how to lose weight or how to maintain weight, the best way to ensure optimal health for the family is through regular exercise. As you develop a routine for at-home learning, be sure to incorporate time for physical activity. Not only is this effective from a weight management perspective, but it will help reduce stress and promote higher levels of serotonin (the chemical in your brain responsible for happiness).
If you’re having trouble finding fun ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, try finding local gyms that have an online/streaming option, or check out the available videos at SweatNET. You can also choose outdoor activities while practicing safe social distancing recommendations. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and choose healthy snacks to fuel up after the workout is over!

Nutrition HealthWorks Nutritionists for Kids

Going back to school during coronavirus looks a little different for everyone. By sticking to a routine, planning meals ahead of time, and incorporating regular exercise, you and your children can enjoy a healthy, happy homeschooling experience. If you’re looking for extra guidance on how to lose weight, maintain your weight, and develop a healthier lifestyle, contact the team at Nutrition HealthWorks. Our team of certified nutritionists is here to help you and your family achieve your wellness goals every step of the way. Schedule a virtual visit with our registered dietitians through our Telehealth platform today.